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Bremen, Georgia.
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Tallapoosa, Ga.  The Possum Drop New Years Eve Fireworks 2014
The Possum Drop New Years Eve Tallapoosa, Ga
Rhubarb Jones at The Possum Drop Tallapoosa, Ga. New Years Eve December 2013
Rhubarb Jones New Years Eve at The Possum Drop ~ Tallapoosa, Ga.
Celebrate New Years Eve In Tallapoosa, Georgia
Saturday December 31, 2016
Music ~ Food ~ Fireworks ~ Family Fun
Much More !
Best New Years Eve Event In Georgia!
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Sky Tracker New Year's Eve at The Possum Drop Tallapoosa, Ga
J & M Fireworks ~ Sky Tracker Searchlights ~ Ready or Not Staging
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Melanie Pace  678-988-1279

We Do Not Use A Live Animal.
We use a
"Stuffed" Opossum at
The Possum Drop in Tallapoosa, Ga.
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Georgia, Coca-Cola, Billy Carter, The Possum Drop
Georgia, The Empire State of the South.
he home of peaches, peanuts, Coca-Cola, Billy Carter and The Possum Drop;
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Best New Years Eve celebration in Georgia ~ The Possum Drop
West Georgia's Largest
New Years Eve Celebration
The World Famous
The Possum Drop website is viewed by hundreds of
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World Famous
New Year's Fireworks at The Possum Drop in Tallapoosa, Ga
An Estimated Crowd Of Over 7500  
Celebrated New Year's Eve at  
The Possum Drop !  
Thanks to your support The Possum Drop in Tallapoosa, Ga continues to grow each year!

In 2013 TLC ( The Learning Channel ) chose our event to film
the New Years Special for one of their hit television shows.

Make your plans now to celebrate New Years Eve in
Tallapoosa, Ga. at The Possum Drop.
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Join our Host
Radio Legend
The 2010
Possum King
Family Fun
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ON THE BORDER - The Ultimate Eagles Tribute from Charlotte, NC, continues to be touted as the most authentic sounding
Eagles Tribute band in the country! Performing 40-50 shows a year all over the U.S. at Festivals, Music Venues, Casinos,
Theaters, Corporate and Private events.  Their passion, showmanship and precise attention to replicating the details of The
Eagles Music, has earned them critical acclaim, name recognition and a loyal following. Together, they reproduce the recordings
of the Eagles catalog with stunning guitar work, lead vocals and the harmonies have been said to capture the feeling of being at an
actual Eagles concert!
The story of Spencer starts many years ago, when Bud Jones spotted a dead possum on the side of the road. Jones
pulled over to retrieve the fresh roadkill and took it back to his taxidermy shop/wildlife museum to work his
preservation magic. He placed the new piece on display and named it Spencer after Ralph Spencer, a businessman
who helped the town thrive in the late 1800s.

But why bestow such an honor on a curly-tailed marsupial? Before the city became officially known as Tallapoosa
after the nearby river of the same name, the miners who panned for gold in the region called the town Possum Snout.  
Many locals consider this colorful history a point of pride, so possums have become a sort of unofficial mascot of the
Below is the history of Tallapoosa, Ga and our famous Possum "Spencer"
Tallapoosa, Ga is just off Interstate  I-20 West near the Alabama line.
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Arrive early and visit our local businesses and
Food vendors will be ready to serve at 5 PM.
Opening bands will be preforming before the main
activities begin later in the evening.
It is our goal to provide our visitors an evening of
Great Music ~ Food ~ Fireworks Display ~ Family
Fun & Entertainment and Much More !
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"The Ultimate Eagles Tribute  ~ On The Border"
Billy Carter, brother of former President Jimmy Carter
We have Entertainment for your entire family
New Years Eve at The Possum Drop.
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Countdown To 2016
This Is The Way We Celebrate New Year's Eve In
Tallapoosa, Georgia
Watch the countdown video below.
Invite your Friends & Family to celebrate
New Year's Eve at The Possum Drop in Tallapoosa, Ga
Music ~ Fireworks ~ Family Fun ~ Entertainment
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New Year's Eve 2016
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