The Possum Drop
Tallapoosa, Georgia
Monday ~ December 31, 2018
Eric Schneider as Elvis preforming at The Possum Drop 12-31-11
Eric Schneider

He has qualified several times over the
years for the Elvis Extravaganza National

Eric does up to an hour of the early 1970's
style Elvis show. Eric has four different
1.)The Chain Suit seen in the 1970 film Elvis:
That's The Way it Is. 2.)Red Lion Suit that
Elvis wore circa 1971-72. 3.)
The Powder Blue as seen in the documentary
Elvis on Tour (1972). 4.) The Fringe Suit as
seen in Elvis: That's the Way it Is. (1970)

Eric’s jumpsuits cannot be matched in terms
of quality and authenticity.
They are custom made for him by a company
called B&K Enterprises. Elvis Presley
Enterprises has granted B&K the rights to
reproduce Elvis’ jumpsuits and they use the
original patterns created for Elvis by the
original designer, Bill Belew.

Eric also has experience as a stand-up
comic, and he won 2nd Place at the talent
show held in 2007 at Star Wars
Celebration IV.
Eric Schneider at this years Possum Drop in Tallapoosa, Ga. 12-31-11
professional Elvis Presley
Tribute Artist since 2007,
and was recently voted
Eric has been a into the
final round of competition
at the American Idol
Experience at Disney/Pixar
Studios at Walt Disney
World in Orlando, Florida.
Eric Schneider as Elvis
In June 2011, Eric was
a semi-finalist at the
Tupelo Elvis Festival,
a preliminary round
of the 2011 Ultimate
Elvis Contest
organized by Elvis
Presley Enterprises
Eric Schneider as Elvis will preform New Years Eve in Tallapoosa, Ga.
I'm originally from Birmingham, Alabama, and now live in
Newnan,GA. I have been singing since high school, and I have
been an ETA since February, 2008. I have been a life-long Elvis
fan because my grandmother played Elvis' music often when I
was a child. I remember thinking there was something wrong
with her stereo because there was so much reverb on Elvis' voice.
But the recordings actually sounded like that in the 50s! I saw
William Stiles perform IN THE "STILE" of Elvis in 2007 and he
inspired me to give it a try. William's performance really
reminded me how great Elvis was, and that's what I try to do:
REMIND people what a great entertainer Elvis Presley was. I
have had the best time trying to perform like Elvis. You really get
a new level of respect for Elvis when you try to sing like him. He
was so talented.
I also do impressions of Johnny Cash, James Taylor and Frank
Sinatra. Hopefully I'll be recording some of that music soon.

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